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The Heydays Manifesto

To look at life,

To value time,

To travel and get lost.

To learn new things,

To dare and dream,

To envision spaces and in-betweens.

Heydays With Hanna is a platform that is aimed to feed and uplift the wanderlust of the tired soul.

In true Heydays fashion, this online journal is a digital trip down to memory lane and daydreams expressed through photographs and essays. This blog is an attempt to balance life by encouraging momentary escapes from reality through the sharing of personal thoughts and reminiscing the places and the faces we come across.

I wish to personally meet and collaborate with creative thinkers, brand owners, artists, travelers, and designers who share the same vision with me. I am looking for spaces, objects, and faces to feature in Heydays With Hanna and this will not be possible without your help! If you are starting your brand like me, send me an email at

I am looking forward to hearing about your story and how we can enjoy the Heydays together!

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