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I'm Hannah, an Interior Designer, Visual Merchandiser, and Design Educator from Manila, Philippines.
I am a pure believer of direct experience, observation, sincere conversations, and wonder. I love to travel and explore both familiar and unfamiliar places, constantly looking for something to learn and draw inspiration from.

As someone in pursuit of balance and inspiration, I believe that art and design are collaborative - between those who studied its theories and practices it professionally and those who live it every day - intentionally or unintentionally. Through this blog, I wish to encourage my readers in finding joy in all aspects of life: the mundane (everyday life) and the arbitrary (adventures and meet-cutes) by sharing my joys in art, design, travel, photographs and basking in the moment of both reality and vision.

I look forward to hearing from you and exchanging conversations with you in the future. 

Happy Heyday!

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