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Heydays With Hanna is a commemoration of travel memoirs, design musings, photographs, and personal reflections. I hope to be able to encourage you all to embrace everything about the mundane and extraordinary days.

Let's make every day a heyday!
I'm Hanna, an Interior Designer, Visual Merchandiser, and Design Educator from Manila, Philippines.
I am a pure believer in direct experience, observation, sincere conversations, and wonder.

Graduating from a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design, I worked as an Editorial Assistant and Stylist for a local Design, Lifestyle, and Travel Magazine called SPACE. This two-year journey in the publishing world has given me the roots for appreciating everyone and everything - from the mundane down to the arbitrary. I fell deeply in love with my first job as it trained me to manage people, schedule tasks and shoots, collaborate with different creatives, make in-depth research on people, places, design styles. More importantly, this job gave birth to my interest in visually narrating experiences such as my personal thoughts, design style, and travels. After I passed the Interior Design licensure exam, I was able to work for one of the country's sought after Furniture Designers and Visual Merchandisers, Ito Kish. Here, I was able to bring in my experience from publishing and hone it further by creating creative design campaigns, designing project storyboards, as well as interior designing and managing projects at the same time.

In 2013, a spine problem brought me to leave my daily life in the design studio for a while. This temporary setback has enabled me to conceptualize Heydays with Hanna as I wanted to keep creating no matter what the medium was as I truly believe that design is present in everyday life. The blog formally opened in 2014 and has become an avenue for me to share my personal thoughts, travels, and experiences as a person, a young woman transitioning from singlehood to married life, and a curious creative.

As someone who is in constant pursuit of balance and inspiration, I believe that design is collaborative - between those who studied its theories and practices it professionally and those who live it every day - intentionally or unintentionally. Through this blog, I wish to encourage my readers in finding joy in all aspects of life: the mundane (everyday life) and the arbitrary (adventures and meet-cutes) by sharing my joys in art, design, travel, photographs and basking in the moment of both reality and vision.

I look forward to hearing from you and exchanging conversations with you in the future. 

Happy Heyday!

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