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Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

 I'm writing to you today from an extremely warm and sunny Manila. The weather has been quite consistent this week and we were pretty much gifted with dry roads, warm breeze, bright and sunny skies. It's been quite a while since we actually saw clear blue skies in our area and in as much as I admit that rainy days are beautiful, I actually did miss the vibrancy and warmth of sunny days.

Last Sunday, my husband and I decided to go for a drive to get a bit of a recharge since we've been stuck in our rooms for days. I have talked about how a change in scenery affect our mind, body, and soul but with our current condition right now, it's quite hard to go outside and just breathe freely. But at one point we all have to accept our the reality that this virus is going to linger for a bit and we do our best as responsible adults and citizens to take care of each other by following simple protocols in exchange for getting our food supply, getting work done, and at the same time changing our scenery even for just a bit. 

I just wanted to end this week by recalling that one happy and sunny errand Sunday by sharing with you some images that I was able to capture with the hopes of bringing you some warmth, relaxation, and inspiration wherever in the world you may be at the moment.
Running errands have become our avenue to take a good look at the sky and the landscape that surrounds it. It's also the only time we get a good grasp of what's really happening outside the comforts of our home. Sunday is definitely one of the best times to do these things because somehow, the volume of people who go out on this day is quite lower than the usual. Errands would usually entail: grabbing groceries and home supplies for the week, bringing our beddings to the neighborhood laundromat to give it a proper wash, and recently accompanying my dad in buying supplies for the ongoing house construction. 
I never really saw myself feeling so elated with the idea of buying groceries or simply putting in gas for the car until this pandemic happened. Everything seemed to matter, all of a sudden and every single bit of it do not go unnoticed anymore. You get to take in each moment because you do not know when the next one will be.

I really loved how the clouds painted the clear blue skies and the horizon last Sunday, from where we were sitting in the car it actually looked like we were being embraced by the clouds and it was indeed a comforting sight to see.
I can only look down from here, at least for now. No matter how bittersweet the feeling is, it's really great to see planes flying again. I continue to hope for a safe and smooth journey for all the pilots, flight crew, and passengers.
 Bikes have been a staple now for most people here. Since the operation of public transportation is not yet in full swing, there are a lot of people who opted to get themselves a bike to get to point a and b without having to fear sharing a small space with anyone or battle for a seat due to a long line. Our country is indeed up for the long run when it comes to improving facilities for transportation, but I hope that the public will get that proper and well-deserved privilege soon.
It's been a while since I stepped outside our city. Since my husband had to get something in this area, I was able to briefly enjoy a familiar view. I used to pass by this footbridge on my way home when I was still working in this area and would always be rewarded by this lush view from below. Seeing it after a long time made it seem all so new yet comforting at the same time.
It felt strange walking around without seeing the usual flock of people in this area. We were also able to walk around the outdoor garden without having to worry about bumping into anyone. We also noticed that a huge chunk of the restaurants and cafes around the garden has closed down. From the signages hanging around it seems like the management is taking this time as an opportunity to make improvements in the area and I'm honestly looking forward to how this place transforms when everything is better and safe for all of us.
The drive back home was indeed a pleasing experience. It was nothing but serene. All the unspoken tiny worries of tomorrow seemed to have been washed out along with the setting of the sun. It was nice to be able to drive along the road quietly, listen to my husband's stories and views on things, and witness the sky turn into different gradients of blue, orange, and yellow. 
It's not also every day that you get to see this many goats along the road in the city! It's as if they all decided to soak up whatever is remaining from the afternoon sun and just allow themselves to be unexpected stars on a beautiful background. My husband and I enjoyed that quirky encounter so much and we ended up sharing a series of laughter while we were passing by these adorable creatures.

There are a lot of things that we are all still learning from this pandemic. There have been a lot of changes in the way we live our daily lives and though on most days things are seemingly hard to grasp, it's still great to be able to look at things from a wider perspective and see those pockets of positive things that are being brought out from the collective experiences of everyone. 

I truly hope that these privileges and changes we get to experience become a driving force for us to actively help and make things better for our families, our community, and eventually our country as a whole. I hope that we will not get tired to look forward to sunny days and accept that it's okay to retreat and recharge on rainy days.
Writing to you and wishing you a restful weekend, from a distance.
Be safe, stay hopeful, and wishing you always a Happy Heyday!




  1. This post is so relaxing! I'm impressed how your positive outlook radiates through your writing. Is that lush urban area in Greenbelt? I miss shopping there, I used to work in Ayala Land Inc near this area. Nakaka-miss ang Pinas. I agree, those goats look cute. Take care and have a great weekend ahead.

    1. Hi Mercy! I'm glad that it brought you joy as much as I hoped it would for anyone who will read this. Thank you for always taking time to spare your minutes with me in the blog, I truly truly value that! Yes, this is in Greenbelt!! The view never gets old, no? They are renovating the Ayala Museum right now so expect new scenes when you get back home!;)

      You take care as well! Have a great week ahead of you


  2. Hi ate Hanna! Hope you are good! Ever since the lockdown started I've also come to appreciate THE SIMPLEST THINGS. It does make you ponder on what really matters in life. I like going out in small errands too and take some random photos here and there. The simple joys in life 😊

    Keep safe always!

    Ann |

    1. Hey Dear Ann!❤️ Thank you always for taking time to read. I can totally relate with you, and I think most of us really developed a higher sense of gratitude during this period of time. Definitely a lovely story to hear and see!

      I hope you're adjusting well in the new work environment! Take care always.

      Ate Hanna

  3. Love all these beautiful photos.
    I feel so peaceful every time when I look at Mother nature.
    Take care and stay safe.

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  4. What beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing these lovely shots. I've always imagined the Philippines as being a generally warm place.

  5. It's really true that everything has seemed to matter so much more intensely over the past six months or so. Like my eyes were opened to the little things far more than they ever were; the importance of making a space your own, relishing in the little luxuries and making purchases that (whilst seeming somewhat frivolous) harbour long-term joy. It's been such a tricky time, but a hope still glimmers that better times are coming xx


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