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My dearest, my love.

It is great to look back at the years we've witnessed together. It is great to be able to see past through every challenge and realize the love and grace that only our Great and Almighty God has extended to the both of us. It is great to be humbled and realize that in my imperfection, in all of my pain, in all of my flaws, God is perfect, and therefore He blessed me with you.

Four years have gone by so fast and yet our marriage is still considered young to most or few. But I want you to know that through these years, with you I consider every day as new. A new day to start a habit, a new day to say 'i love you', a new day to see another side of you, new day to see past through our problems and look forward to what is in store, new day to look into your eyes and say 'we'll be just fine'

With you, indeed every day is new. Your forgiving heart, long extended patience and grace, and your loving and sacrificial spirit has taught me what marriage is really about - and that is a constant mutual effort to talk, to hug, to forgive, to dream, to fear, to love, to keep quiet, to wait, and all those things that make us grow - together.

My love, it is indeed so great to be loved by you.
No amount of material gift nor special event will ever equal to the kind of love that the Lord has given you to extend to a woman like me. I do not deserve anything and yet, just as He gave Himself for His church and is constantly and gracefully revealing Himself to us, you have given me you - your heart, your truth, your soul, your dreams, your fears, all of you.

There are so many things that I wish to tell you and I will take the opportunity every day to tell you all these things, one by one. As we move and look forward together, I pray for each day to be a constant renewal of our hearts and our spirits, that we may continue to live according to His commands, according to His will. I pray for our health and for His constant protection whenever we are apart and when we're together. I pray for our discernment and mutual Spiritual growth, that we may continue to love each other in accordance with the Word of God and that we may live our lives in tune with what He promised.

My love, you will forever be my dearest and greatest gift.
I look forward to continue seeing the rest of life with you.

Happy fourth wedding anniversary, Mister Dumlao!
You will always be my dear.



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