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When you Google "Macau", the top images that would pop out in the search results would be the iconic black and white pavement and yellow buildings of Senado Square. One of if not the most visited and densely populated areas in Macau, Largo do Senado or Senado Square boasts colonial Architecture, rich retail options, and culinary stop-overs.

 Not a new site to me, I already knew that this was not my priority. I understand that this place boasts rich history and heritage, but I would definitely recommend for you to research more about Macau and discover the route less traveled! Needless to say, Senado Square is still a must-see if you are stepping foot Macau for the first time or if you are into shopping and food-tripping.
 Since the place is densely populated, you will definitely have a hard time looking for a spot to pause and take photographs of yourself or even the buildings. Patience is the key in this side of town, you would have to slow down and pause to scout for areas where you can sit or stand to find a good angle. If you are on a tour group, you will definitely be on a walking spree with little time to pause and check out the vicinity. I highly suggest that you visit this place again in your lull time to enjoy window shopping or actually buying things for your friends and family.
 As I am not very fond of shopping, I opted to use this time to view the buildings and study how much they differ or match from each other. Definitely, one would notice at one glance that Senado square is slowly becoming dwarfed by the neighboring residential and hotel buildings that are being built and will be built in the area. The amazing thing about this place though would be how they get to preserve the colonial aesthetics and combine it with the contemporary methods and styles of building.
The Holy House of Mercy also known as the Santa Casa da Misericórdia used to serve as a building that housed a medical clinic and several social welfare structures back in the day. It was later then converted into an orphanage and a refuge shelter for widows of sailors that were lost at sea.
 Another Historical wonder sitting at the heart of the Square would be St. Dominic's Church or Igreja de São Domingos. The church is notable for its Baroque architecture and interiors. According to history, the church was established in 1587 by three Spanish Dominican priests. Mixing the influence of European Architecture to Macanese/Chinese Architecture, the church is known to fashion Chinese style roofing and Teak doors.
A typical Macanese shophouse design comprises of large windows and doors, a pocket porch or balcony and contrasting color schemes of the building, windows and door framings. Each shophouse would typically run at a three-meter frontage and go high as the tree to four stories height.
 Contradicting: An example of how the old and the new stand side by side and cohabitate in one area.
 A visit to Macau will never be complete without tasting their iconic Egg roll with pork floss. I really took my time to check one stall out and observe how they make my favorite Macanese treat! You may opt to but the ones that are packed or if you have time in your hands like us, you may wait for the new batch to be cooked and packed!
 Take time to get off the usual path and you will get to see how the real Macanese apartments look and appreciate how quiet and orderly their living system is.
 Honestly, I'm not a fan of tourist spots. They tend to be very crowded and your traveling experience gets cut short or ruined because you're so focused on getting the quickest way out of the place.
 As I sat in one corner and waited for my husband and friend Arbi to inspect the main attraction of the Senado Square, I managed to see this endearing sight. I then realized that maybe to me, this is not much of an enjoyable experience but there are those who find this the most memorable one - and sometimes it's not even the place that makes it worth remembering, but the person you came with and even took a photo with.
We ended our daytrip to Macau by seeing the iconic Ruins of St. Paul.
On our way back, I managed to capture how the golden hour made this golden treasure shine and greet its viewers with its lavish and majestic sheen.

Macau is really a place of variation, it is small, but if you really take time to research about the place, you will manage to list down places to visit depending on your point of interest and the type of group you're traveling with. There is definitely a place for everyone!

I shall see you back in Hong Kong in my next post!


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