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Art will always be a huge part of my travels. Aside from the direct viewing experience of different artworks, one of the things that I love about visiting art spaces would be the idea of investigating and appreciating the architecture and interiors of the place. Bangkok is definitely a place filled with art and the fusion of tradition and contemporary life is still very much evident in the elements of their artworks and most of their modern architecture.
This blog entry shall focus on the Bangkok Art and Culture Center's (BACC) architecture and interiors. One will not miss the BACC; if you are riding the train, coming out of the mall, crossing the street or merely driving by the road you will notice that tall white structure situated at the corner of the busy Phayathai and Rama I Road.
The structure serves as one of the landmarks in this iconic intersection alongside the famous shopping centers MBK and Siam Discovery. The good thing about this area is that everything is walkable as all four corners of the intersection is made accessible by a connecting walkway.
The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre or BACC is the hub for contemporary art, music, theatre, film, and design. The place was designed to serve as an avenue to host exhibitions and performance that would channel the local artists to the local and international scene. The vision of BACC is to be a place of dialogue and resource to artists and the public. Completed in 2008, the building remains to be one of the most iconic landmarks in Bangkok.
The BACC was designed by American Architect Robert Boughey. The building was designed with a radial orientation, providing a main atrium and multilevel galleries that could be experienced best from the topmost floor to the ground as each level is connected by ramps.
Louis Kahn once said that light is the giver of presence, and to this I strongly believe in. Light dictates the emotion, it suggests a tone or story, it produces a certain sense of completeness, of void and meaning. BACC is actually one of the places I've visited that actually gave me that full experience of light applied in a space.
The multi-level radial design reminded me so much of the Guggenheim Museum in New York wherein the visitors are given a 360 degree experience of the space. 
The interiors are clean and pristine. The respect for natural lighting and ambient curation creates a certain sense of reverence for those who are in the space. The BACC is composed of multiple galleries, all of which are accessible for free.
I personally love this area. It serves as another piece of art that tell multiple layers of stories to those experiencing the space.  
Photographs of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej exhibited at the BACC
While we were there, the whole BACC paid tribute to the late beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Artworks by various painters, illustrators and photographers were showcased in the different galleries in honor of the king. 
Prized possessions of the late king were also exhibited in the place. I was so engrossed to the exhibitions and was not able to take so much of the works but part of the exhibition was also a wide array of film photographs personally taken by the late King himself. It showed his quirky side, his endless admiration and love to his wife, his fatherhood to his children, and his great dedication and sincere love for the Thai people.
Visiting the BACC at this time made me respect the late king so  much. He is indeed one of the best example of leading by doing, he was so involved in all of his platforms and contributed a whole lot to the development of Thailand as a nation.
The BACC is indeed an avenue for education. I think they are doing an excellent job at supporting artists and educating people about Thailand, its people, and the arts. This is definitely a place you can't miss out when you are in Bangkok!
Open on Tuesdays to Sunday from 10am-9pm
How to get there: 
Take the BTS Sky Train to the National Statium Station, take Exit 3 at head towards the Skybridge directly to BACC


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