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Allow me to start by saying I love you.

I never thought that these three words would mean so much more after I married you. It was more than just seeing each other physically, more than just words spoken, more than our hands clasping, more than just the warm and long hugs, much even more than the fact that I wake up next to you and laugh before sleeping, it was more than just the travels and the arbitrary adventures.

Loving meant so much more than sharing long rides in the car, listening and dancing to our weirdest of songs, more than the photographs and videos taken, so much more than the fact that I get to open the door every night to welcome you home.

Loving meant being able to surpass our personal agendas and include each other in plans, forgiving each other after a misunderstanding, and choosing to laugh at the fact that we struggle at times at work and in managing daily life.

Loving meant being able to embrace each other while crying together, praying before we close our eyes to sleep, and clinging on our hope and faith because we know that we are not alone and that our God is our fortress and our rock.

Loving meant thinking less about the things that I want for myself and including you in the whole picture of how the future could look like. It meant choosing you to lead the sail and be my guide as we go through the rushing tides.

Loving meant enjoying the times with you, in both silence and laughter. Loving meant getting to spend some time in the morning staring at you quietly and thanking God for each and every moment I get to do these simple things.

Loving meant understanding that real love is never complicated, nor vain, nor jealous, nor selfish. And this is the kind of loving that I am continuously learning to embrace every single day.

I am honored to love you and still looking forward to find out how much more it means to.

You are a precious gift of joy to me and you are indeed the one whom my soul loves. I will always be eternally grateful to the Lord for bringing me to you.

I will always love you.




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