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Hey, it's been so long right? I don't even know if there are still people following this blog, but if you are reading this now, thank you so much for taking the time to visit! Things have been very busy in my end that I failed to regularly update. To be brief, I was preoccupied doing the necessary paperwork and research for my grad school thesis proposal. I honestly felt so drained in all aspects in the last few weeks and I just felt grateful and relieved when I got the approval for my study. I'm so excited to share with you my project one of these days but for now, I would like to share with you my latest vacation. If you have been reading the blog, you would have probably noticed how my husband and I go on annual trips together. What's funnier is that we always go through the most tiring and draining days before we leave, which I think makes the week off more meaningful for the both of us.
This year, we decided to go to Bangkok! We have a lot of friends who have visited the place and actually loved it for its vibrant culture and good food. What makes this trip more special would be our celebration of our second anniversary as a married couple. After booking our flight, the next thing we had to do was to look for a good accommodation, something that's on the center of the city, has access to transportation, and offer a good ambiance through our stay. We love staying in hostels, and we love it even more if we score a good deal with concept hostels! This trip lead us to stay in a design hostel called MOVYLODGE.
Located in the Ratchathewi, this design hostel does not only give a good aesthetic experience to its guests but also extends into giving a good access to transportation around Bangkok since it was strategically located at the central district of the city.
 The design was basic: bright with a lot of opening to natural light, simple with a clean and subtle balance of color and design elements and most importantly homey. It follows and open floor plan which encourages a panoramic interior experience. The lobby doubles as a lounge and cafe for both hostel guests and outsiders who wish to use the space to study and work.
 The hostel provides ample space for working and dining. Throughout our stay, this particular area of the hostel would often be inhabited by guests mapping out their itinerary for the day.

 Aside from coffee and milk tea, you will also get to find random snacks and trinkets that are being sold in the counter.
 One would quickly notice the loft located above the check-in counter. This would eventually lead you to a semi-private space that functions as the lounge and TV area.

I personally loved the outdoor area. It served as a small courtyard for the people who are staying in the 2 wings of the hostel. This is also the area beside the main dining hall where breakfast is served daily. One thing that I also loved about the place is its well kept plants. I really love seeing air-plants in interiors and outdoors as well as it adds to giving a certain sense tropical comfort to a space.
 The common dining area is often crowded in the morning but mostly quiet in the afternoon. The stairs lead to the dorm and capsule rooms. A small area for coin laundry is also provided in this space which is very strategic for accommodating the necessities of their target guests-which are the light travelers or the backpackers.
 We stayed in a private room. I would have to say that the room is indeed small, but good enough for 2 people to stay in. The room contains a double bed, a foldable table with mirror, and reused window grills mounted on the wall to double as a hanger.
This is the sample of the re-purposed grills. I was not able to take a photo of the one in our room but it's similar to the ones that can be found in the ground floor lobby.
 The shower rooms and toilet area is shared between the people staying in private rooms and I would assume that this is the same system for the dorms as well. It was not really an issue for us since we have stayed in a hostel with the same common shower room concept. The common shower rooms are well kept with all the basic needs: Hot and cold water, shampoo, body soap, hairdryers, the works. Personally, I liked the simple and industrial concept for the bathrooms.
The best thing about staying in Movylodge and Ratchathewi in general would be the easy access to the BTS station. We were just a block away from it! This gave us the option to go back and rest for a while when we felt tired from all the walking around the city.

MOVYLODGE is located at 505 Phetchaburi Rd., Phaya Thai,
Ratchathewi, Bangkok, Thailand 10400. 

From the Suvarnabhumi Airport, you have the option to take the Airport Link to Phayathai station, the travel time took us 30 minutes. Take exit 2 from the Phayathai station and walk 5 minutes to MovyLodge.

The Ratchathewi BTS station is a 3 minute walk from the hostel. We took this route the whole time we went around Bangkok. The BTS and MRT system is not very hard to comprehend compared to Japan and Korea, but if you are going to the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and Khao San Area, you would have to take the river cruise from the Saphan Taksin Station. I shall be blogging about this in my next entry so be in the loop!
Thank you Moveylodge for accommodating our anniversary trip! It was indeed a fun and cozy experience!


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