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Today is my last Saturday off Graduate School. 
Next week, I shall start my Second Year and hopefully my last year in my Graduate studies. Does this mean less blogging? Hopefully no. I vowed to give myself some time to process everything and have a breathing day to just let creativity and peace come through. And I realized that blogging about my heydays definitely help me maintain a balanced outlook at things! 

So as an ode to my last weekend off anything academic and chaotic, I would like to talk about how I celebrate my dreamy days--the weekend. For the past three weekends, I've had quality time with my Saturdays and was able to catch up with my husband and our house chores. The weekend is the time that we all look forward to and love, that particular time of the week that we desire to have. Every week, I shall be talking about home and lifestyle products and that I love and relate it to everyday life and penchant musings.

You know it's the end of the work week and you just can't help but look at the clock and look forward to see its arms to finally touch the numbers 5 and 12. You know so well that when this happens, you'll get up, pull out your bag and head home while the rest of them are out and about. Does this mean you're lazy? No. You're just someone who finds pleasure in times spent alone or with that one person you look forward to spending time with at home - with the food you've been wanting to share, music you love to hear, and stories you've been longing to speak of.
 Nothing beats waking up on a Saturday morning without hearing the nagging sound of your alarm. You have nothing in tow, you have no lists to follow nor places to rush into. Ah, finally, some time alone with yourself and your thoughts. You get up, play your favorite tune as you wait for your toast and bask on the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. You observe the bright morning light envelop the space as you gently place yourself in contact with your couch and your favorite book.
And while the weekend was meant for you, there's no harm in spending it with a person or two. Conversations over wine or tea, an array of biscuits and your favorite, Brie.
The weekend was made for you. It's a precious time you don't normally have and enjoy but once you're granted of it, take time to bask into its beauty and be at your most rested state. A time to reflect and be refreshed, a time to be yourself and be grateful for the people and things you have. 

And while most of them grieve at the sight of Sunday knowing that the dreadful Monday is about to come, you spend it with your love ones and share your favorite dishes and lay out your week with them. It's these little but rare moments that one should enjoy, instead of grieving for the new work week, say your grace through prayer and ask of peace and wisdom to employ.

Cheers to the weekend.

All Products and Photographs are from my current favorite Scandinavian Home and Decor brand MENU.

How's your weekend so far?


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