Hanna Dumlao
Hey everyone! My name is Hanna, a Filipino Interior Designer and Visual Merchandiser in constant pursuit of all things creative, inspiring, humble, and positive. This is my avenue of sharing these pockets of inspiration and thoughts to all of you.

Let's make everyday a heyday!


Today is my last Saturday off Graduate School.  Next week, I shall start my Second Year and hopefully my last year in my Graduate studies. Does this mean less blogging? Hopefully no. I vowed to give myself some time to process everything and have a breathing day to just let creativity and peace com…


Last week, I blogged about chancing upon KOENJI and how much I loved its dynamic energy. If you have been following my blog or if it is just your first time to read an entry, you'll more or less figure out how I prefer to go and visit the less dense and traveled areas of a city or a country. I…

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