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After two weeks of waiting for my film to be processed, it's here! I haven't really used a film camera for more than ten years, and I haven't really taken film photography seriously before. When I was browsing through travel blogs about Japan, I ran into a tip of buying a disposable camera and go around the city to shoot. Took the advice, and veered every possible chance of finding a camera in convenience stores but have not gotten any; on our second day, I found a Fuji store in Koenji and they sold disposable cameras for 1700-1800 yen for 39 shots. I got a Fujicolor Simple Ace disposable camera, a no fuss camera that literally just needs you to point to your subject and shoot. I really enjoyed the risk I took of shooting things carefully, there are some shots that went overexposed but majority of the photos went out to be just fine. 
Here are some prints that I was able to compile: 


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