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Japan has taught me a lot of things; one of the best lessons I've learned is to live humbly. For the short amount of time that I have visited this first-world wonder, I have observed how polite and disciplined the people are. I fell in love with their efficient lifestyle, this maybe coming from my desire for order and effectivity but I just simply loved how things are done without having to waste time and harboring unwanted energy due to impatience.
Peaceful as they are in everything, I have also observed their respect for pedestrians and bikers. In every area that we visited, we have observed how biking play a huge part of their lifestyle. They come in many shades and styles, but more often than not, you would definitely find a bike or two in each home and establishment that you will come across with.

In my attempt to jumpstart my Tokyo journal, I have put together some photographs that I took of bicycles and their surrounding areas. In the next few posts that I will be writing, I will show more of the things I saw and observed. In the meantime, I hope that this Tokyo bike photo essay would at least speak for the things I saw and appreciated during our trip.
See you on my next Tokyo journal!


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