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I still have roughly four hours to make my January post and I honestly didn't plan to post anything today because of the hefty tasks on my to-do list. But I decided to take a break and find refuge in my not-so-secret place, which is this :)

January went by so quick! I started the year on a peaceful country where I enjoyed walking and sightseeing despite the very cold weather. It was actually the best way to welcome the new year because I somehow needed a boost in all aspects - creatively, mentally, physically and that trip was just the best gift and blessing my husband and I received. I will be posting about it really soon and I cannot wait to share another adventure with all of you! January also means catching up with my projects and paperworks for my graduate school, with all the events from the Christmas season, I seem to have lost myself in the process of producing my papers. 

Despite all this, I still remain positive and grateful for the new things that I'm constantly learning, things that I never thought had meaning or depth became clearer to me. I'm currently studying about Dadaism and John Berger's Ways of Seeing, as of writing I am actually writing a paper on how Dada has a parallel influence in today's internet meme culture; I'm trying to deconstruct ways as to how this form of expression can be viewed and considered as art despite its typecast of being nonsensical and satirical.     I'm trying to do such by seeking help from none other than John Berger and his book "Ways of Seeing". Before I make you fall asleep with my thoughts, the whole point is that I'm actually learning how to appreciate things as they are and find beauty in its existence and meaning, at the same time balancing the possibility of it being over rationalized.

Another update that I can share with you is that I'll be coming up with something exciting for the summer. I still don't want to bring in so much yet but I cannot wait to reveal it when everything is set. I promised myself to be more creative and pro-active this year and this project is the start of that!

Okay, I think my break time is over. I need to get up and cook dinner and get back on my writing after. I can't wait to have all this finished so I can get back to updating this blog and eventually become more consistent in doing so. 

Hope all is well at your end of the globe. And I am indeed hopeful for a better year ahead of us!


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