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Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
I have had this picture of Jeju Island in my head before I visited the place, I thought it was an island where I can bike around and go around for the whole day. I guess my calculations and expectations were wrong. The moment I realized the size of the island as compared to the destinations that I had in mind, I knew 4 days won't be enough. Exploring Jeju through their bus system will slow you down, don't get me wrong, it's the most basic, economic, and romantic way to experience the total locality of the place and I don't regret it! But I suggest, if you are reading this and you're planning a trip to Jeju and you really want to see all the sights, rent a car! ;)
Our last full day in Jeju was spent in Yongmeori Coast and the Sanbangsan Mountain. We underestimated the Spring and the fact that it was a coastal area so we only came in our thin clothes! My husband was laughing at me because the moment we got off the bus, I shivered my way around. But the view was just majestic, I can honestly tell you that the beauty of the Sanbangsan mountain and the view of the coast cannot even be justified through the photographs that I took. It's beyond comparison to anything, seeing the prairie dance along the wind is something I never thought I'd get to witness here.
Visiting the Yongmeori Coast is hitting two birds with one stone because the iconic Sanbangan Mountain lies across the coast, like a head of a dragon resting by the water. So if you are planning to visit this area, I suggest that you come in your most comfortable/sport ready outfit, bringing a sweater or parka will also help you when the cold breeze comes.
This is the peak of Yongmeori Coast. This particular tower was built to serve as a watchtower during the war. Standing at this will give you a picturesque panoramic experience of the area.
There are 2 routes in exploring the Yongmeori Coast, one is to go to the left most part and take the short but steep route (this is a good option if you're in a hurry and you have other plans for the day) and the other is to take the longer trail and enjoy the sloping terrain and the beautiful juxtaposition of green and blue. My husband and I chose to take the long trail and we enjoyed it so much!
Mid of the trail, we just had to look back and admire the formation of the Sanbangsan Mountain. Had we been in proper clothing, we probably have taken the challenge of climbing up the mountain. This actually became a promise to each other that when we come back, we will definitely see the peak together :)
The long trail gave me and my husband a chance to admire the natural beauty Yongmeori had to offer. The long walk also gave us a chance to bond and talk more about our plans and life together.
After a much deserved visual feast of the greens, you will eventually reach the coast. This gives a different viewing and travel experience as it presents a different landscape, texture, and even color treatment. 
The beautiful rock formation of the coast boasts different contours and angles that is worth the treck. It was as if we were on an off-road adventure, only this time we were doing it with our feet and not a jeep or car! Tip to the ladies who wish to reach this, wear your most comfortable shoes that is good for both wet and dry. You wouldn't want your velvet shoes splattered by sea water, right? :) The waves get pretty strong in the afternoon at some areas of the stretch.
Victimized by the sun in our previous adventure to Udo, I decided to cover myself up to avoid much damage! A portrait of yourself is a must in this stretch! Be as creative and adventurous as you can be as you can actually climb the rocks, but of course at your own risk ;) I actually did!
If you are an adventurous couple, this is actually a must for your Jeju date!
One of the things I enjoyed would be the sight of locale Jeju women selling freshly caught abalone and other crayfish that you can actually eat along with a bottle of soju :)
Some parts of the coast actually gets covered with water when the tide is high. We actually came at a good time and witnessed the often sunken areas dry and exposed.
A beautiful masterpiece no human hand can ever mimic. This view just made me stop and pray to God. I felt really overwhelmed and grateful to witness another beauty of His great creation.
On our way back, we found this field enveloping one side of the coast. I had to stop and had my photo taken, of course!
 Since we couldn't climb up Sanbangsan, the least thing we can do to experience the area is to eat! They have a variety of cafes at the foot of the mountain-a perfect pitstop for both visitors of Yongmeori Coast and Sanbangsan Mountain. What's so special about dining here is that you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery while sipping good cold dripped coffee and your favorite snack.
 I really liked the eclectic and vintage charm of this cafe. It took me back to those 1970's and 1980's Kungfu movies I used to watch with my dad! I don't know why, but I really have a penchant for nostalgic scenes.

Another cafe is this quirky one. We got sold by the Corn Dogs and Coffee Brownies ;) This store also sells souvenir items for those who are stopping by the area!
I love the simple yet very nostalgic facade of this place. We got to enjoy the view, the food, the good americano (oh my goodness, the americano! we cannot even count how many liters of americano we tried out in this trip!), and most especially we had this meet-cute feeling like we were on a set of a movie (cue in two strangers meeting up at a stop over, and enjoy the sunset together).

Okay, enough of my cheesy storylines! But this trip actually gave me so much sweet memories :) I would not hesitate going back here because we actually made special memories in this very special place. This was the perfect way to end our Jeju trip, it was steady, it was beautiful, it was full of reflections for both Dennis and me.

See you in Seoul!

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