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It's been almost a year and a part of me still occasionally travels back to our trip to Jeju and Seoul last May. I can very much say that this is indeed one of the best trips I've taken, and it's quite hard to let go of the memories just yet. It could be our immediate need for rest and getaway, or it could be the cold Spring breeze, it can probably be the beautiful scent of freshly baked red bead bed in the morning, or little bit of everything, but we really did have a great time in our neighborhood in Jeju, a neighborhood called Seogwipo.
On our first night in Jeju while getting lost and looking for our hostel, we ran into this long uphill street filled wih quaint cafes and artsy people. Since it was at night, one would not miss to notice that this street is the place to be for the young and artsy people in Jeju Island. This street is called the Lee Joong Seop Art Street.
One would not miss this as you are welcomed by an Arch, right in the middle of a kimbap house and a cafe painted in flat out loud, pink!
Sorry, I just had to! ;)

Lee Joong Seop was a painter knows for his genious techniques in art and painted a lot of scenes in Seogwipo. The artist found himself and his family seeking refuge in Jeju Island during the Korean War. He and his Japanese wife had two sons. The family's stay in Jeju Island was rather temporary, but is considered to be one of the happiest times for the artist as well as most productive in making his pieces.

The whole stretch dedicated to the artist is indeed reminiscent to the movement of art, poetry, and culture up to this day. One would find something unique from each store in this area, and if you are lucky enough like me and my husband, you will also witness different artisans working on their craft or conducting a class.
What the signage says! Coffee and be merry!
I wasn't so sure about this one fact, but two elderly people managed this plant cafe when we went there. They were very kind, like many of the folks from Seogwipo, they even introduced their cat to us (a name I somehow forgot as time went by)! This store specializes on growing succulents and different kinds of plants, they also hold classes in growing and arranging flora and fauna.
 The the strong evidence of spring is in the air!
There is not a store without their own quirk going on in this street - or in the whole Korea for that matter. This is also the reason why one should never miss the opportunity to walk and get lost in the neighborhood, because this is the best way to experience the soul of the place.
 In memoriam of the great artist who called Seogwipo his home, the local government purchased the house where Lee Joong Seop and his family stayed in and restored it to its original rom. A memorial hall and museum was also built around the compound. It was such a bummer that the museum was closed on the day we visited! I have read that 8 masterpieces of Lee hangs inside the gallery. The best month to visit this place would be on September, as this is also the Lee Joong Seop Art Festival where different exhibitions and events are held for art lovers.
 Postmodern Architecture of the Lee Joong Seop Gallery
 This is the restored house of Lee. As to who the haelmoni is, I have no idea! But she does look good in the frame, doesn't she?
Here are some of the artisans that we witnessed. They all specialize in beadworks and leather crafting.
 That's my husband, being adorable as he always is!
I can very much say that a visit to Jeju Island would not be complete without visiting this street at least once. Experience the local, the young, the arts, the fun!

Lee Joong Seop Art Street
87, Ijungseopgeo-ri, Seogwipo-si, Jeju
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 이중섭로 27-3 (서귀동)

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