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I'm longing. Sometimes I close my eyes and pray for time to slow down and help me savour every second spent in bliss. Every single time I'm about to leave a place, a country, a city that I learned to love so much, a pang of sadness barge into mind and make me long for the next time I get to be with that place, share another moment, and bag another set of memories.

It's been a week since Dennis and I got back from our honeymoon. Yes, our very much delayed, much awaited, week-long vacation in a land I call my second home - South Korea. I can still feel the pain from the 3-hour bike ride in U-do island, savour every flavor we tasted in all the cities we visited, and still cannot stop viewing our photographs from each pitstop. Truly, with much gratitude, I enjoyed this trip with my husband a lot and definitely learned so much from it.

So, pardon me if the next few posts that you will be reading is about this beautiful, love-filled trip. I cannot wait to share with you Our Story!


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