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 Camellia Hill is a 172,000 sq.m forest that houses over 6,000 Camellia trees and 500 kinds of flowers. Spring is the perfect time to visit this beautiful place since everything is in full bloom. The sad thing about our visit in Jeju was that Summer came in earlier this year. Hence, we did not get to catch most of the flowers in full bloom. But nevertheless, I loved every moment we got to spend in this serene place. The experience of strolling down a huge lush garden, smelling the blooms, breathing in the cool spring breeze, and sharing it with the one you love the most is definitely a memory worth keeping and sharing.
My husband enjoying his stress-free stroll ;)

Being a big place, Camellia Hill provided a lot of pit-stops where people can sit and rest while enjoying a beautiful view. One of them would be this pond with lillies in it.

Since we came on a weekend, we had the chance to see both tourists and locals stroll around the place. They had several walking trails to take to move around Camellia Hill but we decided to follow what was given on the map and actually got to enjoy the walk systematically.

The hanging flora is actually artificial. But it definitely added beauty to this area which makes it a common stop for everyone to take photos.

 There are several green houses in the compound, this one houses beautiful blooms and a quaint cafe that not only sells a wide array of drinks and dessert but also hand made organic products like soap, candles, etc. I love how the architecture of this glass garden stands out and blends in at the same time with the greenery.
 The green house inside

 We decided to rest for a bit in this view deck that gives you a great 360 viewing experience of the place. One of the things visitors enjoy in Camellia hill is their random photo booth areas.

Here's our attempt in taking a photo. But since this was on a weekend, people were actually lining up and watching as they waited for their turn to take a photo. My husband got really shy in the end and made us both crack in laughter at the awkward yet enjoyable situation.

More than anything, this beautiful place provides an unexplainable healing experience to those who come and visit. To be able to have a sense of oneness with nature, to feel like you are being enveloped by the trees as it sways with the wind, is definitely a priceless experience. It just amazed me and my husband how God created all these things for us to take care of, appreciate, and enjoy.

A reminder that we all should pause, breathe in, and see the things we fail to see and enjoy because we are too preoccupied with the pressure society is bringing us.

Read more details on how to get to Camellia Hill and what to do there here.

Stop and Enjoy the Spring,


  1. Hello! Just wanna ask. When is the best time to visit the place with the flowers in full bloom? Thank you! You posts give me an idea on what to expect when me and my friend visit Jeju this May. Keep it up. :)

    1. Hi! The best time to visit would be Spring (March-May). It depends of the kinds of blooms that you wish to see :) Cherry Blossoms and Canola Flowers are in full bloom from March to April and very minimal on May. But the flowers in Camellia Hill are in bloom the last time we visited in May.

      Thank you so much! I hope to be able to hear from your visit!


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