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I can still remember the prayer I made to God on my last day of being nineteen. I asked for His complete guidance and will because I was too confused with life and was too blinded by what the world dictates. At 19, I had a lot of things I wanted to do, so many dreams I wanted to fulfill - dreams like studying in Italy for my grad school, dreams like working for a magazine and living the life of Anna Wintour, I wanted to balance the life of being well travelled and being a successful designer. But then again, those were just plans I set for myself, plans that did not include my family and love ones, those were plans made to escape the things I got used to and create some sort of 'new life' for my own. I guess this kind of concept cannot be helped from a teenager who immediately wants to fly and be on their own.

Nineteen was the best year of my life, I say that without any sarcasm. It was the best because that was the year that God had taught me humility, forgiveness, and it was also the beginning of healing the past wounds that I deeply kept within me. Nineteen was also the transition year for me because it was when I had to learn to accept reality and let go of my idealistic when it comes to viewing a lot of things. 

Now that I'm turning 27 in 2 weeks, I can very much say that I am grateful for everything that I went through, because it was God's way of constantly reminding me that things that are planned by man are often times not at par with what He has in mind. 
This little flashback and realizations came to me when last Saturday, my dear friend and sister in Christ Anna decided to say hello to the big 2-0 by welcoming all of us at her home. It was a night of fellowship and get together between good friends and family.

Since A is part of our small DIY Studio that we are slowly putting up, we decided to boost up the gathering and turn it into a Heyday Birthday! Here are some snippets from our setup.
Our Photobooth wall that sparkled the most, aside from our Birthday girl :)
The theme was Black, White, and Gold. Last minute, we decided to add a little touch of peach and pink to break the monotony and give off a more playful vibe
Our table setup was mainly eclectic wherein we mixed and match existing and available pieces and added a few new ones - like our quirky plastic table cover
I believe that celebrations are nothing if not shared with the most relevant people in your life. And what better way to end your last night of being nineteen than to spend it outdoors with good food, the Word of God, prayer, and even games?
You only live once - says the millennials of today. I want add to this by saying how important it is to live your life in the right way, with the guidance and wisdom of our elders, and the love and protection of the people who care for us the most. You cannot undo the things that might be enjoyable for now but will reap the consequences at the end of the course. Our life is indeed a gift, a gift that we must treasure and dedicate to it's rightful owner, and that being Our God.
This is our Accountability and prayer circle. We are actually missing two girls, Maine and EA. These girls and I have been through so much in our past lives that God put us together in His appointed time so that we can share our experiences and learn from each other and be secured in the fact that no matter how hard this world can be, we have each other accounted for. I love these girls to bits and I am blessed to have sisters who I can be silly with, cry with, and grow in the Word with.

So what happened to all those dreams I had when I was 19? That's another blog post to tell!

How did you spend your last day of being 19?


  1. Thank you for making the last day of my teenage years awesome!! ^_^ I really couldn't have spent it in any other way! ♡


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