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I'm on my fourteenth day of marriage and finally had some time to sit down and collate my thoughts and memories. 2015 has gone by so fast for me and my husband, we didn't feel the stress of preparations and we are very grateful to have loving and wonderful family, friends, and coordinators to back us up with everything that we needed help with.

Now that the wedding is done, I kind of feel empty now that my hands are not too busy cutting paper, gluing flowers together, and writing on confetti envelopes. If there's one thing that I discovered about myself during my DIY wedding escapade, it would definitely be my love for personal hand crafted props. In the midst of crazy crafting sessions with my dear friends and coordinators Arbi, Marvie, and Anna, HEYDAYS STUDIO was born. Heydays is craft studio that focuses on creating affordable hand and heart made paraphernalias for all sorts of celebrations. 
Here are some of the 150 confetti bags we produced for the wedding. We recycled used colored paper and newspaper and turned them into confetti. I used brown money envelopes and added hand written lines from Bible verses and Songs.

Envelope Cost: Php 15.75 / 25 pieces (We bought 6 bags) = Php 94.50
Anna enjoying the confetti she worked hard on! ;) | Photography by Reality Box 

We decided to divide the distribution of streamers and confetti bags. We made another 100 pieces of crepe paper streamers. Since our theme was organic, we stuck to neutral colors and Anna came up with the idea of having 1 popping neon color to break the monotony.

Crepe paper colors : Gold, Silver, Baby Pink, Fuchsia, and Tangerine.
Crepe Paper Cost : Php 25.00 each x 10 = Php 250
Barbeque sticks : Php 50 / 100 pieces x 2 = Php 100

Total Cost of Confetti and Streamers for 250 people : Php 444.50
Photography by Reality Box
As you can see, we really did cut down a lot of cost for this. We opted to do this because we discovered how expensive confetti guns are and how most of the time, it's mostly hard to operate.  

Photography by Reality Box
Photography by Reality Box
 At the end of the day, it's not really how much you've spent at a wedding. It's all about enjoying it with your loved ones and collecting memories together!


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