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I find it very redundant how I've realized all these things few days after the purchase of my new phone.

One of the strict requirements that I had was to have a phone that will not make me carry around my heavy DSLR all the time. For some reason, I've grown out of the habit of bringing it in every event that I attend to or places I visit. I've become too dependent on my smart phone - hey, it's convenient. Take the photo, add some filters, share on Instagram - which automatically syncs to my Facebook and Twitter account.

I sound so robotic, don't I? I have become so consumed of the social media accounts and maintaining that certain "image" that I think I have. Typing the last few words just made me hurl in my mind.

I have also noticed that I actually lost the knack of writing proper, well versed essays because I've been so used to holding my phone all the time and failed to look at my surroundings, talk to the people in front of me, and make memorable conversations that I will hold close to my heart. I've lost the connection - the physical bond that you share when you engage with actual people and actual situations. I lost inspiration whilst trying to inspire others by viewing what I have to post in Social media.

Three weekends ago, my mom and dad had that discussion with me to which we agreed to have meals without our gadgets in the way. Sunday nights spent out in a restaurant with actual conversations - whether they make sense or not; with actual laughter that make resonating sounds, with actual good food without having to take a photograph of it.

No, I'm not quitting Instagram or any social media account that I manage. But yes, instead of focusing on creating a content in that virtual world, I would like to get myself engaged more in walking around with my handy point and shoot, reading more books and refreshing myself with different forms of writing, and on my free days, I would love to sit in my chair facing my laptop across the big window from my room and creating that resonating crunchy sound from my keyboard as I make a essays and blog entries that actually make sense and was well written.

What are your recent realizations and what do you intend to do about them?


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