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 Four months to go!

Time has been ticking really quick this year. I've been very pre-occupied with my Design projects and kind of slowed down with my wedding DIY preparations. I'm just really blessed and thankful to have good friends who reached out extra hands to help me do all the materials that we will be using for the big day.

Remember my entry about DIY FLOWER CROWNS AND BOUQUETS? This is a continuation. Last week, together with the Heydays team (which I'll introduce to you guys very soon), I was able to finish cutting and wrapping all our invitations and we have started to distribute it as well. It's funny how Dennis and I realized that it is getting real by the day, the more invites we hand out to people that matter to us, the nearer it feels.
Here's a glimpse of our invites. I really had fun designing this! We decided to just give out 2 pages - 1st page being our formal invite and 2nd page with our RSVP, GIFT, ATTIRE, and LOCATION details. We realized that majority of the people who will be getting the invite do not really read the page where the entourage is written, so we decided to skip this and just upload a digital copy of the list in our Event Page. This is a good cost cutting tip, and hey, you help save the trees too ;)
Today, I've finalized all 5 baskets for our Flower Girls. The idea was simple, retain the organic look of the basket and put life into it by putting colorful flowers. For this project, I made use of the remaining flowers used for the Flower Crowns and my Pre-nup shoot bouquet.

Materials needed for this would be:
1.) Glue Gun
2.) Scissors and Pliers
3. Ribbons
4.) Basket
5.) Flowers

Can't wait to get my hands on the next batch of DIYs! Remember, it's not about the cost, it's about the heart. If you are a bride to be like me, I hope that you will have every single bit of fun with your preparations and remember to get your fiance involved too!


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