Hey there!
My name is Hanna, a Filipino Interior Designer and Visual Merchandiser in constant pursuit of all things creative, inspiring, humble, and positive. This is my avenue of sharing these pockets of inspiration and thoughts to all of you.

Let's make everyday a heyday!


My mind has been prancing around the thoughts of going away somewhere unfamiliar again
. I've been picturing myself walking around streets and alleys with nothing but my camera and light clothing. I just want to step out of the daily grind for a bit and let my feet take me to unexpected, poetic places.
 It's that time of the year where I have so much to do and I don't know how to divide myself to all the functions I have to perform. Oh, the perks of having short attention span has gotten the best out of me again. 

Should I book that flight? 

But then again, deadlines.
Maybe, just maybe, after all this beautiful mayhem I am in, I will grab that thought bubble again and go away for a bit. Away with my thoughts and imaginary vignettes.

Now, back to working drawings.


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