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Admit it or not, every girl has this wide image board in their minds about how their wedding should be. You can't blame us since it only happens once in a lifetime! For the past few months, I've been hearing about 'bridezillas' and their never ending list of things to do and have for their special day. Again, they cannot be blamed. But what I have learned from my own experience of prepping up for our big day would be this: you have a life after the wedding - whatever you can save, save it instead. Post engagement, you would go through a phase of excitement and you want this and that, but you need to get out of that and be grounded by the reality of how much you should and should not spend. Hence, for our wedding..we're going handmade.
Both Dennis and I are very casual people - we hate being stagnant. We'd prefer walks over hotel dinners, we'd sing our hearts out in the car to whatever song is playing than listen to classical music in a lounge or wine room, we won't mind staying at a backpacker's hostel while travelling, and we'd rather dress comfortably than suite up and make ourselves uncomfortable. Those are only a few details among other things. We wanted to recreate that personality by mirroring it to our special day. We're having a garden wedding and I really love how we have our venue to ourselves. For our theme, we decided to go with Rustic Organic.

The beauty about being hands on with your wedding is that you can monitor and control your expenses and at the same time, get to spend a lot of time with your friends and family while doing your DIYs. Here are some of the things I've been doing with my Wedding Coordinators who are by the way my longtime good friends and spiritual companions as well.
I will be making a full entry about the details of our DIY preps after the wedding. But for now, I'll just share these images. To give you a brief background, I basically cruised along the very cramped and hot street called Tabora in Divisoria to hoard all our DIY needs. Arbi and Marvie were there with me and we really had a lot of fun bargaining and hunting for the good pieces!
We spent less than Php 4,000.00 for the materials of ff:

- Maid of Honor's flower crown
-Maid of Honor's bouquet
- 4 Bridesmaids' flower crown
- 4 Bridesmaid's bouquet
- 5 Flower Girls' flower Crown
- 5 Baskets for Flower Girls
- Best Man's boutonniere
- 4 Groomsmen's boutonniere
- 3 Female Secondary Sponsors bouquet
- 3 Male Secondary Sponsor's boutonniere
- 8 Female Principal Sponsors' corsage
- 8 Male Principal Sponsor's boutonniere
- 3 Bearer's boutonniere
- My prenup flower crown
- My prenup bouquet
I really had fun working on these flower crowns. The feeling of not being alone and having the closest people to you around is just gratifying beyond words!

So I guess, this entry is to encourage those who are going through the same phase as I am. Don't sweat it too much! Stop worrying about pleasing the people who will be at your wedding because at the end of the day, it's all about you, him, and God. It's all about the unity of your hearts and the commitment you will make to each other. 

Enjoy every moment of your wedding preps and make sure to involve him! Pray for all the things you need to do and do not worry about having less or more :)


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