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I was once told by a good friend that to be able to have fun while travelling, you should be open to the idea of walking by foot and discovering the beautiful surprises that come in alleys and and even underground walkways. One of the things I've become accustomed to when going out and about is to check out cafe's and pocket destinations.
Here's one place I made sure not to miss out when we went to Singapore for a weekend trip. Working Title is a cafe located in the Haji Lane area. It is known for its young and eclectic vibe. Aside from serving an array of pasta, burger, and pastries, the place is also known for its wide choices of craft beer - the ones that come in beautiful bottles and bright colored typography.
Working Title has a bed and breakfast located at the upper levels of the building called Shophouse. According to what I've read about this cafe, they were only given a month to finish the interiors hence the name working title. 
I love how the place provided a courtyard/backyard. It reminds me of summer afternoons and family barbecues during weekends. I think that's how they wanted to make the people feel - at home. 
I love how honest and raw their menu presentation is.
The furniture pieces were collected from thrift stores and was restored to fit the design of the place.
Too pretty to drink, don't you think so?
The overall dining experience was very good! It's the perfect place to enjoy a meal, listen to happy indie songs, while hanging out with good friends.

I cannot wait to go back and discover more cafes of this kind!


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