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I've been writing scribbling a lot lately - random things I hear from conversations, church services, and songs I've been listening to and learning to love. I also have been keeping a 'random wedding thoughts' journal and I hope that I can fill it up and someday share it with you soon.
I turned Twenty Six last January. I was dreading for that day but when I actually woke up, I never felt happier. I realized that celebrating birthdays as I grew older had a deeper meaning. I didn't need anything fancy, I didn't need any surprises, I just needed to wake up and see the faces of my family and dear friends.
This was taken during my birthday. I loved how the sun kissed that day goodbye. I had to stop walking and bask in it's beauty to reflect on the blessings I have been given despite all my flaws. I just really felt really happy and grateful.
Dennis and I had a crazy beautiful January. We traveled around Tagaytay to look for 'The' wedding venue. I would have to say that despite the hasty traffic we have experienced, the long car rides and conversations we shared are truly something to treasure. 
242 days to go before the big day, the Lord lead us to a beautiful place we can have by ourselves on our very special day with our dear family and friends. The Glens is truly is a beautiful, serene, humble, place.
My modern country home project is on its final touches and I can't wait for it to be done! I really hope that whoever will get to buy this property will enjoy and have lots of good memories together.
Times alone are well enjoyed lately. It's the best time for me to just ponder on what has been occurring in my life. My gallery comprises of trees, silhouettes, and greens that I often encounter during my drive to work, school, or strolls.

How's your 2015 so far?


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