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Behind the scene photo from my food styling gig last week.
Photograph by Jeri Ahana of Reality Box for All Day Cafe
I have tried. I tried so hard to box myself up in a room for eight hours and work on working drawings just like every Interior Design associate should be when in a Design office. Don't get me wrong, I loved ever bit of it, but there was just this void inside my heart that wanted out every single time I got in the office door.

So yes, I admit. I am not the office girl. I don't wear heels. I also dislike doing routines.

I had a hard time accepting those things because I had this fear of being judged. You know how people always look down on "freelancers" and label them as people who do not have any concrete direction in life? Those are the kinds of people I feared the most. For some reason unknown, the moment I decided to carry on with what I wanted to do for a living was the same moment I felt true happiness and contentment. Yes, there are struggles in securing for consistent cash flow at the start of the journey, but I guess that's all part of the challenge of wanting to work harder and giving out your best in everything you do.

So up until now, when people get confused as to what I really am and what I do in life, 
I just answer them : 

Mondays and Thursdays - I do Design works, Material purchasing, Styling, 
or simply hang out at home
Tuesdays and Wednesdays - I try my best to be at my most serious state and 
mentor Architecture and Interior Design students
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays - Are days spent doing backlogs at work, 
but mostly spent with my family, friends, and God

I get all sorts of responses. Some give me eye rolls and smirks, making it seem like I'm wasting my life away. Some ask me how I survive. Some smile and simply give out a supportive smile. It doesn't bother me anymore - being compared to girls my age. It doesn't bother me at all because I am sincerely happy. No matter how much I struggle, at the end of everything I do - whether it be construction, prop styling, food styling, or teaching... I enjoy it and see myself doing it for the rest of my life. Am I rich? Financially speaking, no. I don't intend to be. 
But I would definitely say that I am enriched by God's mercy and grace daily. 
I am rich with warm, supportive people.
I am rich with happiness and contentment.

This is the difference in doing the things you love.

Stop pressuring yourself. Find your passion and find peace on the assurance that He will never leave you nor forsake you. Be faithful in prayer and never seek for anything in return when doing kind deeds. Life is too short to be spent with regrets.


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