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Twenty Fourteen was an awesome year in a nutshell. God has been truly faithful for providing me with good Interior Design and Styling projects, I met new good friends, witnessed the progress of my students from knowing nothing to producing amazing Design projects, I was able to travel with good friends, took photographs, witnessed beautiful sunsets, held my third Photo exhibit, continued to work and grow in the ministry, and even got Engaged to the love of my life!

There's just great joy when you learn to let go of planning your life out according to how you want it. Although there is nothing wrong about knowing where you want to see yourself in the future, we often become so stuck up with that idea and dictate ourselves to do certain things, make certain decisions, that will eventually make us realize that it's hard to get out of it. 
This year made me learn to obey, trust, and wait on upon the stillness of God's voice. I learned that the moment you learn how to adjust to the unexpected situations is when you will truly see the beauty of life and appreciate the ups and downs that come along with it.
Twenty Fifteen will be a transition year for me. A year wherein I let go of most of my childlike ways and begin to live a life with the person God has given me to love and take care of. I cannot wait to start my new life! Most especially, I cannot wait to see more of God's glory.

Have a good and fruitful 2015, guys!


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