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Photographed by Na Ri Yim at Hongik University
I have always wanted to travel with good friends. 
There's something exciting about the fact that you set your feet on a completely different soil with the people you love to have fun with and share memories with. That's why when opportunity came in last year, my good friend Kath along with her best friend Sab planned out a trip to Seoul and tagged me along with them. We decided to go during the early stage of Autumn and witness the romance of foliage changing into different colors.

Here are some photos I took of the Autumn scape in Seoul:
Love the contrast of this Ginko leaf and the Hongik University Baseball field
I admire how Koreans seem to be very much into landscaping and growing plants. You will actually see a lot of shops in seoul that sell different kinds of flora, succulents, and herbs.
I love the gradient of the trees along Itaewon. A nice play of Yellow and Green could be seen along the array of trees in the sidewalks

Autum colors at night can be clearly seen as I walked down the Namsan Mountain
Here's Sab enjoying the morning sun and the cold Autumn breeze in aA Design Musem, Hongdae
A female college student enjoying a book on a breezy afternoon at the
 Ewha Women's University field

I really enjoyed this trip so much not only because of the beautiful surroundings but the fact that I shared it with people dear to me. Definitely the best way to spend my first Autumn experience.

Who did you share your first week of Autumn with?


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