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When we were deciding where we should stay, one place automatically came into my mind: Hongdae. I just knew it would be the right place for three Designers to stay in. I just want to say that we made the right move! Hongdae has so much creative and youthful energy that can inspire the hungry soul. I woke up extra early every morning to walk around and enjoy the neighborhood, observe the random quirks, and be inspired from them.

ART. If you are looking for a non-conventional, understated, art scene, Hongdae promises a lot. From the walls, to alleys, and even the pavements, art can be scene in a beautiful disarrayed manner.
DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE. Seoul in general is very rich in Design ideas. I admire how Koreans think out of the box and try to play with as much as materials and textures in their Building facade and Interior finishes. I enjoyed Hongdae so much because of it's youthful, industrial, and eclectic take on design and re-use of materials,
There are a lot of specialty shops that are curated for a specific art and design market. It's a refreshing and interesting experience to be able to explore each store and find something that you would truly appreciate and take inspiration from.
PEOPLE & NIGHT LIFE. People are very friendly around Hongdae and most of the younger generation can speak good English too. We did not have a hard time going around and asking for directions at all. At day time, you will observe the young ones rush to school while the adults work hard at opening their shops. I also love how diverse they are when it comes to business, Hongdae houses a lot of young entrepreneurs and artists.
Met a really nice barista who was kind enough to smile for a photo despite being bombarded by orders. Photo with a Korean barista is finally checked on my travel bucket list.
As for the night life, I have never stayed out on a park filled with strangers at 4am but I did it here in Hongdae! On our last night, my friends and I decided to lay out my scarf on the street and stay out as we witness street buskers and young people enjoy the night and company of their friends.
THE AFTERMATHS. On Saturday mornings, expect to see a lot of signs from Friday night lights. But no matter what, Hongdae will definitely bring out the youthful, soulful, passionate person in everyone who would spend time in this small but lively neighborhood.
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