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A lot of people are still estranged by the nonspecific photographs I take of my feet. 
Often times, I hear the word fixation or obsession tagged to each photograph. Up until this moment, I have numerous shots of the places I stood in. How did it all happen and why do I keep taking them?
 I guess the whole thing sparked with the desire of capturing the textures and create a story out of the locations I come to love or notice.  
From my front yard, to the streets I walk in, to the construction sites I work on, to weddings and unplanned travels, I captured them all. There's just something amazing about knowing that you are able to stand on these grounds, something that makes me feel grateful to be in this world and see it on a daily basis.

Will I ever stop taking these weird photographs?
Why should I?


  1. I love this entry (obviously!) and I love the new blog! Hey Hanna! Yay Hanna! <3 I will update my blog roll! <3

    1. Hi Dy! Thank you so much :) Hope we can hang out soon and have a collab! Keep in touch!


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