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To get married!

Not me, calm down people.

But I just want to say how society (or at least where I come from) apparently have qualms on girls in their mid-twenties with no plans of actually settling down yet and starting their own families. While I honestly have a lot to say about it, I just want to leave it with these three words: LET US BE.

And for those girls who are going through the same thing as I am, do not feel the pressure. Our time will come and when it does, it shall be awesome. Because nothing is more powerful and beautiful than God's perfect plan, person, and time. So hang in there and wait on the Lord.

For now, start working out. We are gonna attend a LOT of weddings, wear tons of bridesmaid dresses, dance to different music, and take memorable photographs with our dearest friends who were prepared to go on right ahead the MRS. lane.

Enjoy every bit of your time alone, while it lasts! No pressure :)

Happy Heyday!


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