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L-R: Sab and Kath are best friends that I met when I was working from my previous job. Then there's me and Nari, the best friend that I screamed at, fought with, cried with, and eventually shared my life with.

Photo taken at Hongik University, South Korea
Yes, women tend to have more Best Friends 
for reasons quite unknown to most men.

I would not speak for the many women out there but I will give out a little of my piece to this matter. I too, consider six girls to be my best friends: I have three from High school and three from College. Why and how can there be 6 of the best, you ask? Simply put, they each have different wavelengths, strengths, and experiences we both went through to which took our friendship up a notch to forever.

These are the kind of friends where distance will never matter. It's too concrete that after years of not physically seeing each other and reunion time comes, you scream so loud, eyes widened, and you run to each other for a long, warm hug. Nothing beats that kind of friendship. These kinds of friends share stories with you, keep secrets with you, and be there any time of the day to serve as your fallback in times of need. These are the people that do not need any monetary or emotional assurance, they are unconditional and accepting. These are the kind of friends you miss so much to the point that you unconsciously cry just by thinking of the day you'll get to re-unite again.

To Patty, Nicola, Nari, Kat, Tesh, and Cathy: I long for the day we all gather in one place and just waste the day away laughing and sharing the things we have encountered throughout the course of our 'physical' times apart. I love you all and I miss each one of you.

Who needs a world full of friends when you have these rare kinds?


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