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Hello and welcome to Heydays with Hanna!

By now you would probably know my name but allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Hannah Dumlao and I am an Interior Designer, Educator and Artist from Manila, Philippines. I am a pure believer of direct experience, observation, sincere conversations and wonder. HWH is my avenue to express my thoughts, share my musings and channel my design and art language. Through this blog, I wish to inspire my readers to enjoy both phases of life: the mundane (everyday life) and the arbitrary (adventures and meet-cutes) through sharing my joy in travelling, design, photographs and basking in the moment of reality and vision.
I have written down the Heydays Manifesto, to serve as a guide and reminder for both myself and the dear readers that I come across to through this blog:

to look at life
to value time
to travel and get lost
to learn new things
to dare and dream
to envision spaces and in-betweens

I look forward to hearing from you and exchanging conversations with you in the future. Please don't hesitate to email or contact me.

Have a Happy Heyday!


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