"Let's just rest and recuperate. 
Have all the time for ourselves and each other."
This was the agreement my husband and I have laid out the moment we decided to travel to Hanoi this year. For the past years of being married, traveling has been an avenue for us to get to know each other more while seeing the rest of what the Lord has created. But as we grew older, we realized that there were some things we needed to change with the way we traveled: we needed to take time and slow down.


One week in, and Hanoi still has its effect on me. It was one of the places I have always wanted to visit because of the different layers of culture, history, design, and visual narratives. Hanoi did not disappoint, the marriage of unfamiliarity and familiarity has taken its course as we experienced the place one day at a time.


I realized that I have not written any life update since 2018. So much has happened since then, so much has changed. I have been yearning to write a life update but every single time I try to, my mind clouds up and I end up not writing anything. I then realized that some thoughts need time to digress properly for it to make sense or to bear fruit. This is why I have decided to go on a semi-hiatus from blogging; to process my thoughts, filter what should and shouldn't be said, and just truly take in the lessons I have learned in life for the past months. It was also a time for me to think of the future direction of Heydays with Hanna.

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